1. What is Re$ourceline?

Literacy Re$ourceline offers online access to a comprehensive set of powerful literacy grantseeking tools and resources — a quick and easy way to find grants for your program or project. The information in Literacy Re$ourceline is continually updated with current research about federal grants, foundations, corporate giving programs and other resources.

2. Why should I join Re$ourceline?

Securing grants is an essential part of a healthy fund-development strategy for any organization or agency. Thousands of grants representing billions of dollars are made each year by government agencies and foundations to nonprofits across the country. Sorting through all of this information can be a tricky and time-consuming task. Members of Re$ourceLine get instant access to those grantmakers most likely to fund your literacy project or program!

3. What does the subscription include?

In the two funder databases, subscribers have access to federal agencies, foundations, corporate giving programs and other resources. With word-searchable categories and known key words, you can do focused research in minutes. Each grantmaker profile is updated at least once a year, so the information is always relevant.

Re$ourceline provides you with regular updates on upcoming opportunities through a bi-weekly e-newsletter.

4. How do I join Re$ourceLine?

To join Re$ourceLine, click here.

5. How much does a subscription cost?

For information about pricing, check out our rates.

6. How quickly can I begin using Re$ourceLine?

As soon as you subscribe! Just complete the online order form, pay by credit card, and your subscription will be activated immediately. If you prefer to place an order by phone, or would like additional information, call Kim Scott at 315.857.6960 or email her at kim@literacypowerline.com

7. What types of funders are included on Re$ourceLine?

The majority of funders that make up the funder database are government agencies, independent foundations, corporate foundations and corporate giving programs. Faith-based funders, association grant programs, and other grant programs are also included in the database.

8. What information is included in funder profiles?

With Federal Grants, open federal grant opportunity profiles include:

With Corporate, Independent and Other funding information includes:

All funder profiles are updated on an annual basis. In addition, profiles are revised periodically throughout the year to reflect changes in application procedures and/or funding priorities.

9. How many and what types of search fields are available?

The Search text box is available to conduct keyword searches, enabling users to search for words appearing across the entire text of the database. All fields can be sorted in rank order by clicking on the title at the top of the column.

10. Can I share my password with others?

Your password belongs only to you and should be kept confidential. Subscribers under a coalition plan may disclose their password only to their coalition partners.

11. Can I access my subscription on more than one computer? For example, at home and at work?

Yes, but make sure you log out on one computer before you log in on another. Otherwise, you will be denied access until you are logged out automatically.

12. What level of customer service can I expect from Re$ourceLine?

Re$ourceLine is committed to delivering outstanding, responsive person-to-person customer service in a timely manner. Please contact Kim Scott by email kim@literacypowerline.com or call 315.857.6960.