About Us

Our vision is 100% literacy through 100% community engagement…

Community literacy has a short history for a revolutionary idea. Literacy Powerline was one of the first to recognize the power of linking stakeholders, neighborhoods and services together to increase literacy levels. This is done through coordinated, high-accountability service provision. Most important, since 2000 Literacy Powerline has been able to guide others through the entire process successfully. Today, scores of communities across the country have accessed the resources and capabilities of Literacy Powerline’s team.

100% literacy through 100% community engagement. That phrase has guided my life since 1990. As founder of Literacy Powerline, I am proud to be joined by my team as we connect with you, our partners, in this exciting work.



Our mission is to increase literacy levels through effective and sustainable community collaboration and engagement. We work with educators, business and labor leaders, philanthropies, civic and faith-based groups, policymakers, literacy providers and students to demonstrate that everyone thrives when a community is committed to 100% literacy.